Past winners

Here are the winners of the 2013 Vulture Poetry contest. Due to a tie in the votes from the judges we have 5 winners this year!!
Thanks to everyone who submitted a poem! And remember .. Vultures Rock!

The Mighty Vulture
by Seth

Vultures soaring through the sky –
sniffing, looking, landing, circling.
Gracefully flying with no worries –
very cool, very smart.
Smelling their prey from a mile away –
Circling in and then landing –
swiftly, beautifully, gracefully.
They fly away and sniff again –
always searching for a meal to begin.
Eyes on the ground and flying around –
sniffing, soaring, looking, circling.
The Mighty Vulture

Vulture Rock
by Kevin

Oh Vultures, oh Vultures, they have good sight,
They can see from very high heights.
Oh Vultures, oh vultures they have great smell,
They could tell a deer from a gazelle.
Oh Vultures, oh Vultures they soar so high,
Believe me it’s true it’s not a lie.
Oh Vultures, oh Vultures, they love to eat,
They eat the dead animals off the street.
Without the vultures,
There would be a big pile of meat.
Oh Vultures, oh Vultures they are so neat,
I wish I could stay to watch you eat.

What a Vulture Does Everyday
by Lucas

Starting as a fuzzy baby,
Then a powerful bird.
Soaring though the air,
Looking for dead animals
Then gobbles it up very fast
Depending on the size.
Small eating faster,
Bigger eating slower.
Finding rising hot air to use less energy.

Vultures Rock
by Lindsay

I have a keen sense of smell and very sharp sight.
I circle my prey from a very high height.
I Rock!
I have weak legs and feet, but a most powerful bill.
My prey is already dead, I don’t have to kill.
I Rock!
My head and neck are bald to help keep me clean.
When I’m eating a carcass, if you know what I mean.
I Rock!
I appear on five continents, living in a large flock.

Cool Birds 

by Ashlee

Vultures are birds that seem very weird.
They clean up road-kill that has been smeared.
Some of that road-kill might have diseases.
I’d much rather eat at Chuck E. Cheese’s.
Vultures swoop down to get their nasty treats.
Without even knowing it, they clean the streets.
Having a pet vulture would be such a mess,
But they’re still pretty cool birds…I guess.


Contest Winners


And here are our Vultures Rock poetry contest winners for 2012!





By Leah


Vultures, vultures everywhere,
Vultures don’t even have any hair.
Vultures like to take many baths,
But they may be bad at math.


Vultures beaks are very strong,
And their toes are very long.
Vultures help to keep the world clean,
But some people think their mean.
They are known as Scavengers,
Also, garbage collectors
Vultures vomit smells real bad,
And makes their enemies very mad.
I think vultures are sooooo cool,
I wish they could visit my school.




By Johanna


All vultures black, white and gray,
This is what they like to play.
They eat all day through and through
On dirty germs or squirmy worms
Bacteria, is their favorite treat.
They think it’s really, really sweet
They don’t like to sit around and snooze,
They like to fly and congregate
The friendly skies as serious spies,
So don’t leave out your garbage ties,
It could kill the vulture,
the Earth’s “clean up crew”
And without them, our world will smell …“p.u.”
I hope you’ll care about this bird
‘Cause now you heard,
You can catch the flu!



By Kayla


I’m a vulture
watch me fly
across the beautiful, lovely morning sky.


I search for food
I watch it die
then I swoop down and poke their eye.

When I’m finished, I look up high
and see the beautiful morning sky.


Then I fly home,
happy as can be
full belly and
all into my lovely, lovely tree.


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